When it all Began

Have you ever wondered if maybe it was never meant to be like this to begin with ☺️… #storytellinggonewrong #adamandeve #illustrationoftheday #appleaday #orchocolate

The Black Elephant in the Room

What voice will we actually listen to? And, do we dare to hold the space for someone else’s truth? Are we brave enough to accept it for what it is, beyond our tendency to cowardly ignore discomfort? If we have the guts to hear, to really feel the weight of another’s words, something might actually […]

5 Perspectives on Suffering

Decorate the Elephant perspectives on suffering Josine van Asch van Wijck

As I’ve been sitting at home 🏡 during the Covid lockdown , it struck me that comparative suffering #covid19 style has come along. It started with a meme telling me that all I had to do was sit on a couch when I could have been living during WWII. Here’s what bothered me:  • Goodness, really? We’re […]