What Scares You

how to decorate the elephant in the room

There’s always an elephant in the room.

Maybe it’s that conversation you’re unwilling to have with an employee. Or that relationship with a loved one that needs to change.

The elephant asks: What do you stand for? What’s holding you back?

My powerful method for confronting the elephant in the room and decorating it using your innate creativity offers a profound opportunity for change for the individual or leader willing to say to the elephant: hello, I see you.

Hi, I’m Josine

I’m a life coach, writer, and illustrator. 

I’m dedicated to helping you move beyond what’s holding you back through honesty, authenticity, and creativity. 

Read on to hear more about my method and qualifications.


There are many ways to decorate an elephant.


From personal sessions to team exercises, I offer a variety of approaches for helping you, your family, or your team turn that frightening elephant into something you can look at without fear.


Work with me one-on-one and learn tactics for confronting your personal elephants with the power of creativity.


Liberate yourself from unhelpful subconscious emotional blocks, anxieties and stresses with this EMDR-based coaching method.

Creative Leadership

Learn how to tell your story and take up your own space by tapping into your creative potential.


Gather your team, or your family, for hands-on workshops where we work together to out the elephant in the room, confront it, and heal as one.

For Corporates

Discover how the Co-Active coaching method and Wingwave®️ can have a profound impact on the performance and resilience of you and your employees.


Get in touch for special collaborations on workshops, retreats, and more!